Project Okikirmui gets a website

Years after inception, and with work almost completed, finally Project Okikirmui sets up a website to contain our actual translation of the Ainu yukar.

I’m told that in this day and age, the website comes first, and then one makes a great deal of tweets and tries to create ‘buzz’.  Only then does one bother with content.  Well, we have taken the opposite route; we worked away in the night for five years, and now, belatedly, we emerge to show our work to the indifferent world!

What can I say?  We are old fashioned.  We are from a generation that is uncomfortable with Facebook and downright horrified by Pinterest.  We are like the Ainu of Chiri Yukie’s day, helpless witnesses to the march of time, struggling day by day to preserve — I’m sorry, I’m rambling, aren’t I.