‘The Song the Owl God Sang’ coming soon

After an incomprehensible amount of work, we are very close to having a printable, paper version of the Ainu Shinyoushuu!  Behold this artist’s impression:


These books will be used for Benjamin’s upcoming series of lectures and as props for some of Nakano-san’s corporate training sessions.  Nakano-san is doing a wonderful job promoting language diversity in the corporate world and having touchable, holdable souvenirs to give out will really help with that.

For me, the groundbreaking nature of this upcoming release is considerably overshadowed by the absolutely enormous amount of trouble involved in preparing it for print!  Special thanks of course go to Mary Sunderland for proofreading it, but honestly, if I’d known quite how difficult it is to get from finished text to finished book I’m not sure I would have started.

Anyway… hopefully we’ll be able to order it from Amazon in a week or so!