10: A Song Pon Okikirmui Sang

Kutnisa kutunkutun
One day I went for a walk up the river
And by the spring I saw a boy
Hard at work, bending over in the water,
Hammering in stakes for a walnut-wood fish trap.
Seeing me, what he said was:

“Who are you? Come here, friend, and give me a hand with this.”
I saw that because the stakes were walnut-wood
Walnut-colored water, muddy water
Came flowing out, and the salmon
Came out of the water and because they hated the muddy water
Were returning, weeping, to their homes. I was angry
And therefore, I grabbed the hammer that the boy was holding
And the sound of the blows I gave him echoed around.
I struck him so hard his hips broke, I killed him,
I sent him to Hell. Judging by the shaking
Of those walnut stakes, he reached
The bottom of the sixth Hell.
And then, I put forth the strength of my body,
I exerted my power, I snapped those stakes
At the very base, and sent them, too, to Hell.

From the spring came a clean wind, a clean water
Came flowing forth.
The salmon recovered with the clean wind and water
With loud rejoicing and laughter,
They jumped up and down.
Seeing this, my mind was at rest,
And I walked back home along the river.
So said the young Okikirmui.