Wrap Party Post-mortem

A great time was had by all at Friday’s Wrap Party, thrown chez Peterson to celebrate the completion of the Project’s Great Work!

Emma brought her students from London University and it was wonderful to see so many promising linguists.  The party also served as a celebration of Emma’s new job at the LTC — long may she preside over London’s artistic and cultural scene!

Elizabeth travelled all the way from Edinburgh despite being only just out of hospital.  Nakano-san collapsed from jetlag but recovered in time to take part in the ceremonial Reading of the Great Work, starring Benjamin as the human race, Nakano-san as kotankor-kamui, Emma as small mammals, Svetlana as the marsh demon, and very special guest Yamada Kyuuraku from SBU as the mussel and frog!  Yukar 8 was omitted on the grounds that it would lead to disputes over the exact interpretation of the ‘difficult second half’.

Soon, the odor of sake (a particular favorite of the kamui) pervaded the house.

Later in the evening, Elizabeth entertained us all with her joiking — Saami folk-singing which she performs with a number of death metal bands during her time off from lecturing — and I attempted to drum up interest in my next expedition to Nuristan, before being metaphorically bound with duct tape and thrown out onto the patio.  Or was it metaphorical?

Early the next day I discovered Emma asleep in the back garden, having apparently sworn to drink a cup of sake every time she heard the word ‘ikupasuy’ used incorrectly.  Honestly, I would have thought we were collectively capable of avoiding silly anthropological mistakes such as that one.

But still, a great time and a fitting sendoff to the great work!