The book is finished!

The physical, paper version of the Project’s translation is now available from Amazon here! Or, in the UK, here. Extra thanks to Dr Mary Sunderland for proofreading and suggestions. I think this is a beautiful book that we can all be proud of.

‘The Song the Owl God Sang’ coming soon

After an incomprehensible amount of work, we are very close to having a printable, paper version of the Ainu Shinyoushuu!  Behold this artist’s impression: These books will be used for Benjamin’s upcoming series of lectures and as props for some of Nakano-san’s corporate training sessions.  Nakano-san is doing a wonderful job promoting language diversity in the …

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Acknowledgements and Thanks

Now that we are nearing the end of the project, I would like to thank the following people and things, without which our translation would not have been completed: The Camborne Celtic Collective for their support The staff at Creative Sciences and BJS Books for helping put the book together Everybody else in Project Okikirmui Tamura …

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The Ethics of Publishing

Quite a few people have been surprised that we plan to publish the translation on actual paper, as well as on the web.  Some people seem to think that this is a mercenary and reactionary step.  I kind of feel the same, in some ways.  Something that’s always horrified me about the study of vanishing …

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Wrap Party Post-mortem

A great time was had by all at Friday’s Wrap Party, thrown chez Peterson to celebrate the completion of the Project’s Great Work! Emma brought her students from London University and it was wonderful to see so many promising linguists.  The party also served as a celebration of Emma’s new job at the LTC — …

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Thanks to the QA team

QA / proofing / review is almost complete and I’d like to thank: Dr Mary Sunderland for incredible proofreading.  I had literally no idea that we had made so many errors.  Indeed I believe Mary has found errors that nobody would ever have found except her, ever. Dr Clifford Peterson for review of English style …

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Emma Rees joins the project

Emma Rees has joined Project Okikirmui to take care of: Fundraising and government liaison for our events (not for the actual translation work!) Handling a possible dramatic adaptation of the Ainu Shinyoushuu  

A fond farewell to Repun Kamui

The completion of Repun Kamui’s yukar means we are complete, in that there is no bit of Chiri Yukie’s text that is not translated! Now we start going back and making it all good.  Everything that was done back when Dr Matsui was on the project is almost ready — we just need to normalize …

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Yukar 8: Repun Kamui

When we broke off the process of translating AInu Shinyoushuu way back when, the only yukar we had not addressed at all was number eight, the song of the sea god Repun Kamui. Now that we come back to it after several year’s absence, it’s not hard to see why!  This is in many ways a …

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‘The Song the Owl God Sang’

These thirteen beautiful Ainu chants were collected by Chiri Yukie in 1922 — the first Ainu literature to be written down by an Ainu. This book presents new English translations of Chiri’s remarkable work. Originally written in yukar form, a type of chant used by female storytellers among the Ainu villages of Hokkaido, th ese …

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